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A b o u t   t h e   A r t i s t

Over the years I have built many exact scale models as a hobby and then on commission for collectors who wanted a model of a special car. I had become bored however, as this was not enabling me to explore my artistic side and I needed to be able to express myself more. So, at age 61, I decided that a change was needed and that I should explore my artistic abilities and enjoy a talent that I have always had but never used.

What appeals to me is the style and flowing gracefulness, almost sensuous shapes that some cars exude. Some are significant “super cars” of their time, while others are run-of-the-mill production cars that set a new direction and style. So, inspired by this I have developed my own style of car art sculpture – AutCouture that seeks to capture the essence of the style and grace that I find so appealing, and which I hope others will share with me.

The pieces are ‘cold cast’ with Aluminium and bronze powder, cast in a solid resin and are limited to 250 pieces. Each weighs over 3 kg and is 340 mm long. I have attempted ‘hot cast’ bronze as well, but this was not as successful as hoped and the ‘cold cast’ medium seems to suit the shape and form of the pieces better.

The first piece is my portrayal of the 1954 R-Type Bentley Continental, which to my eye is one of the most beautiful cars ever to grace a road. This piece was shown for the first time at the Techno Classica Classic car Show in Essen in April 2005, where 6 un-numbered “pilot” pieces were exhibited and sold. The second is my interpretation of a stylized Peugeot 402 saloon from 1938, where the graceful grille enclosing 2 large headlights, the flowing bumper, plus the beautiful body swage line along the shoulder of the car from front to back, captivated me. Others will follow.

I hope that this piece gives you as much enjoyment as I have had in sculpting and casting it.

John Wessels

November 2005


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